LED Line Lights

Our led line lights offer high intensity illumination and are appropriate for the linescan and web inspection of a host of materials and products, including paper, foil, metal, road surfaces, PCBs and semiconductors. In linescan and web inspection, a thin strip of inspected material is illuminated and imaged by a linear array camera at each point in time. As the target moves, an endless two-dimensional image is created. 

ProPhotonix provides a range of LED Line lights to suit all your application needs.

COBRA Slim - A compact, extremely bright LED line light with a modular design that can be built to any length. COBRA Slim outperforms halogen and fluorescent line illumination, while offering all of the many advantages of LEDs — long lifetime, controllability, and increased reliability

COBRA Max - Delivers up to twice the intensity of COBRA Slim in the same compact , modular design

COBRA Flex  - Delivers the same performance as COBRA Slim or COBRA Max for applications where space is restricted.

COBRA - High-brightness frontlight and backlight LED illumination for linescan and web inspection. 

LOTUS  - Long- Life  fluorescent replacement

SpecBright LED Area, Ring, Spot & Line Lights

The entire SpecBright™ range of  LED Area lights, line lights, ring lights, and long or short range spot lights maintain a very uniform, high-level of brightness that is not possible with conventional through-hole or surface mount LED based illuminators for comparable distances and areas.



Cobra Slim


Cobra Max


Cobra Flex

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