Teledyne DALSA Announces New Xtium Frame Grabber.

Our high speed video recording systems are capable of record long period of compressed or raw video.

Setting up 2 pcs of Cobra linelight (1.2 meter each) , overall brightness and strobe mode are configurable via a notebook.


- Lens magnification from 0.05X to 2.0X
- Standard C mount


Dec 2011

High speed SWIR linescan camera for ultra precise measurements.

Available now! 

ECCO – "Extended Camera Link Cable Operation" in GRABLINK frame grabbers.
This new feature allows Grablink Full, DualBase and Base to go far beyond the Camera Link specifications in terms of speed and/or cable length.


Available NOW!
The Icon™ camera series gives vision system developers unprecedented power and flexibility to develop their own embedded imaging applications.


Innovative technology, 3D vision power, and speed – HALCON 11 provides numerous great new features for all machine vision users.

Available NOW!

Simple & Easy to use; one USB2.0 cable provides power, video and camera controls

DEC 2011

Featuring improved sensitivity in near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths, the Piranha HS NIR benefits from time delay and integration (TDI) technology.

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